Experience at Vidya Rajarajeshwari Temple

10 days back, I had the gift to visit Vidya Rajeshwari temple by the grace of our beloved Guruji, Guruji Sundar. I had the gift and privilege to travel along with Guruji, (I was driving the two wheeler). The vehicle was very short of petrol But Guruji insisted to go, and so we went to the temple at Nehru Colony, Nanganallur.

I parked the vehicle, and asked Guruji if I can put the petrol in the meantime. Guruji replied that “please come to the temple along with me. We shall see it later.”. I entered the temple along with Guruji and prayed to the Goddess. Guruji was standing before me. I silently had darshan of the Goddess and closed my eyes for about 2 minutes.

Soon, Guruji sat in meditation and I also sat in meditation.

I was blessed to have an opportunity to close my eyes along with a realized master. I could clearly feel the big difference. A richness filled my being and my consciousness catapulted to levels much more than my levels when I meditate alone, in no time. The richness that I felt inside along with Guruji cannot be explained in words. It is not just filling of energy but more than that. Suddenly the feeling and the life within, becomes a celebration when a disciple is receptive to Guruji. A lot of things gets shared between Guruji and the disciple and even spiritual experiences as well. The whole perspective changes.

I could feel the presence of Guruji adding more to the already present divinity in the temple. After a few minutes of no thought, I was able to feel another presence approaching near.

I could see the visions of the Goddess sitting in meditation just before Guruji. I saw the vision of the Goddess from a side view perspective clad in Red Saree and hair falling in full, sitting in Padmasana.

After that I saw another vision of an old moustached man wearing a turban made out of a dhoti towel.

When I was closing my eyes, I could hear many voices outside; the pujari was instructing a group to pray for rain to the Goddess. When he was speaking, could clearly see that Goddess was overshadowing the pujari, he was under the total influence of the presence of the Goddess.

When all this was happening, only a pure awareness like an illuminating light, a pure witness was present. The interpreter called as mind was completely absent. Even spiritual experiences that were happening were just like a happening in awareness.

Finally, I heard a heavenly voice of a small child while in meditation. I knew clearly that no body was standing in the vicinity, it was a voice which can only be heard in deep meditation.

All by the grace of Guruji.


After a few minutes, Guruji came out of meditation and soon we bade our way back from the temple. In the middle of the way, the bike ran out of petrol and came to a halt. Guruji was utterly unperturbed and asked me to tilt the bike so that some residual petrol in the tank would reach the engine.

At that time, a person suddenly stopped his bike and asked for a bottle. I gave him the water bottle that we had. He soon opened the pipe of the petrol tank and filled it up with some petrol and gave me. I poured the petrol and thanked him. I gave him money which he profusely refused. He just greeted Guruji and went away and disappeared along with his bike.

In my 16 years of bike riding, many times bike has ran out of petrol. But no person had offered his bike’s petrol till date. It was really a miracle and Guruji smiled with his eyes gleaming and told “Leela of Vidya Raja Rajeshwari”.

Only she had come in the human form to ensure that Guruji reaches home safely along with this small dust.



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  1. Is this the temple, the Rajeswhari song was sung by a eminent composer (I forgot the name, Amrutha will know it)?

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