My Experience with Guruji at our Sabhai

I was medidating the other day at our Medidation Centre. I had the privilege of medidiating with Guruji for a few minutes. I could feel my senses being cut off slowly as I entered the inner space of fullness. I felt something entering into Dhuryam Chakra and erasing whatever was inside me. It was wiping/blanking me out. I felt something in me was dying. I also felt it two nights later at my home when a question came up internally whether I was alive or not or am I dying.

Back to the medidation session, Guruji had left after a few minutes and at this time I felt a tremendous outpouting: My inner space started to shake, it went from a low intensity shaking to an earthquake happening inside me. The feeling was so intense that I didn’t know whether I was going to open my eyes. The sensation continues for several hours and slowly subsided.

Thank you Guruji for your diving Blessings !!!

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