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Category Archives: Spiritual quotes

osho on mind


“Mind is illusory – that which is not but appears to be, and appears so much that you think that you are the mind. Mind is maya, mind is just a dream, mind is just a projection…a soap bubble – nothing in it, but it appears like a soap bubble floating on a river. The sun is just rising, the rays penetrate the bubble; a rainbow is created and nothing is there in it. When you touch the bubble it is broken and everything disappears – the rainbow, the beauty – nothing is left. Only emptiness becomes one with the infinite emptiness. Just a wall was there, a bubble wall. Your mind is just a bubble wall – inside, your emptiness; outside, my emptiness. It is just a bubble: prick it, and the mind disappears.” Osho

sri daya mata finding the joy within you


Millions end up in mental institutions or under the care of psychiatrists because they do not really want to know themselves, to face themselves and their flaws. But this is the first growing-up step everyone must take.

Do you know the reason we are averse to acknowledging our faults? As souls, we have a concept of ourselves as being perfect. It is basic to our understanding. We are perfect, no question about it; but as the soul, not as the ego, which assumes the limitations of this physical form and gathers imperfections through incarnations of wrong habits. It is the ego that does not want to accept corrections from anyone.

–Sri Daya Mataji (Finding the Joy Within You, p223)

surrender is not a depressing state of resignation to sorrow ,in which one glorifies suffering as a virtue by praying for it to come to him.


Sri Daya Mataji on Surrender (Only Love, p97-98)

Surrender is not a depressing state of resignation to sorrow, in which one glorifies suffering as a virtue by praying for it to come to him. The pious devotee who asks God to visit upon him all the suffering of the world, and who dwells on suffering as a means of pleasing God, is taking a rather negative approach to surrender. I believe in a positive approach: “I am the soul; my nature is blissful, powerful, and perfect. I will take care of this body, but I will not become attached to it, nor lament about any imperfection that develops in it.” If one has a headache, it is not wrong to acknowledge the fact and to take whatever logical remedy is available to him; but his consciousness should dwell on the truth that his real nature is separate, untouched by the discomforts of the body form he is wearing.

do not be afraid to make decisions (by daya mata)


Do not be afraid to make decisions. Some people are so timid about deciding that they never act with resolve and determination. Indecisiveness is a great blight on the character. It is really much better to make some decision than to take no action at all; because even if you decide wrongly, you will learn by it and will have gained mental strength by trying. If you remain passive, the only thing you will learn is that you are a powerless victim of circumstances. Instead, have the courage to face your challenges with decisiveness.

There is no need to be overly worried if you make a mistake. Do not punish yourself; instead, recognize you have erred and correct it. Learn from it, and go on. Always remember, the moment you begin a sincere search for God, you can know for certain that He is not going to fail you. So, when faced with a decision: Pray; try to feel inner attunement. If you don’t feel it, meditate for a few moments, or as much time as you have available. From that center of calmness, then make your decision. Do not wait for some tremendous message to come to you written in lightening!

-Sri Daya Mataji (Intuition: Soul-Guidance for Life’s Decisions)



The Divine Mother as Disciplinarian

Divine Mother has a many-sided nature. How she appears to us is only a reflection of our own state of consciousness. When we are in tune with Her, She is the blissful, loving Mother. When we are out of tune, She seems to be a strict disciplinarian. It isn’t that the Divine Mother wishes to discipline us. Suffering comes from separation from God. It is we who create that separation by our forgetfulness of God, by following our bad habits, by becoming too much involved in outer things or in our emotions and moods. Divine Mother never forsakes us; it is we who forsake Her. Then She seems like a stern disciplinarian, but only because we have severed our connection with the Source of all that is right and good.

So when Divine Mother seems to have vanished from our attention, to have escaped from the orbit of our consciousness, the trouble lies within us, not with Her…Divine Mother hides Herself not to punish us, but to encourage us to strive to lift up our consciousness to the divine realm where She exists. She wishes us to keep striving to improve ourselves.

–Sri Daya Mataji (Only Love, p251)

sri daya mata disciple of paramahamsa yogananda (finding the joy within you)


Love God silently in your heart. Know that He has the power to change any unfavorable situation; and in His own time He will do so, if you believe this.

–Sri Daya Mataji (Finding the Joy Within You, p294)

(sri daya mata disciple of parama hamsa yogananda (finding joy within you)


Never be afraid of God, no matter what mistakes you have made in the past. Many people get hung up in the strong cords of guilt and fear and doubt, and seek professional help to talk out these complexes. If we have enough faith, we can just as easily cultivate that communication with God. He is the real Father-Confessor to whom we should take our problems. He knows us as we truly are; it is impossible to hide one thing from Him. Yet He loves us unconditionally as His children. When you feel burden of negative emotional hangups, take them to God with deep faith: “Father, naughty or good, I am Thy child. Help me to have greater understanding of my true Self, and strength to manifest the innate perfection of my soul.”

That sense of trust and surrender brings such a sweet relationship with God; no words can describe it…

–Sri Daya Mataji (Finding the Joy Within You, p133)

Paths of glory

The boast of heraldry, the pomp of power, 
And all that beauty, all that wealth ever gave,
Awaits alike the inevitable hour.
The paths of glory lead but to the grave.”

Elegy written in a country church yard By English poet Thomas Gray

The paths of glory lead to the grave only

குமாரதேவரின் உபதேசங்கள்

கனவில் ஒருவனுக்கு உணர்வு தோன்றி, தான் காண்பது கனவு என்று உணருங்கால், அவனை நீ யார் என்று யாரேனும் கேட்டால், அவன் தன்னுடைய நனவு நிலை அடையாளத்தைத்தான் சொல்வான். அது போல இந்த நனவு உலகத்தைக் கனவு என்று ஒருவன் உணரத் தொடங்கினால், அவனை நீ யார் என்று கேட்டால், அவன் தன்னை பிரமம் என்றுதான் சொல்லுவான். 
கனவைக் கனவு என்றுணர்ந்தவனைக் 
கனவில் நீயார் எனவொருவன் 
வினவில் அவனும் நனவதனில் 
விளங்கும்தனையே உரைப்பன் அதில் 
நனவை நினைவு என்று உணர்ந்தவனை 
நனவில் நீ யார் என ஒருவன் 
வினவில் அவனும் அகண்டமதாய் 
விளங்கும் பிரமமே என்பான். 
சரி. நனவில் விழித்துக் கொள்வதெப்படி?
தோன்றிவிளங்கும் பொருள் எல்லாம்
தொல்வேதாந்த விசாரணையில்
ஊன்றி நோக்கி அனுதினமும்
யூகமதனில் பரிசயித்தால்
தோன்றி விளங்கும் அறிவொன்றே
சொல் மாத்திரமாய் விடும் உலகம்
ஊன்றி நோக்காதவர்கட்கே
உளது போலத் தோன்றியிடும்.
ஏகம் ஆகி நின்மலமாய்
இருக்கும் நமக்கு இப்பந்தம் எனும்
மோகம் வந்தது ஏதென்று
முன்பின் பாராது இப்பந்தம்
போகவழி ஏதென நாடிப்
பொருந்தும் வேத விசாரணையால்
யூகம் அதனில் சிதைக்கின் அதின்
உள்ள இயல்பு பின் தோன்றும்.
மாயை எனும் உரைக்கு அருத்தம்
மதிக்கின் யாதொன்று இலாததுவே
மாயை என இப்படி இருக்க
மதிப்பர் அதனை இருவகையாய்
மாயை மெய்யென்று உரைத்திடுவர்
மயக்கப்பட்டுத் தனை மறந்தோர்
மாயை பொய்யென்றுரைத்திடுவர்
மயக்கம் நீங்கித் தனை அறிந்தோர்.
முத்தி யாதோ என எண்ணி
முயங்க வேண்டாம் இஃதறுதி
முத்தி உளதேல் பந்தமுண்டாம்
முத்தி ஒருகாலையும் இல்லை
முத்தி தானாம் சகம் வேறின்
மோகம் அதில் காண்பதைப் போக்கின்
முத்தியாகும் அந்நிலையை
முயன்று வருந்தி நிலை கொள்வாய்.
தமக்கு மிக அரிய அத்வைத ஞானத்தைத் தந்தது விருத்தாசலத்து அம்பிகை என்று போர்றித் தொழுகிறார் ஸ்ரீகுமாரதேவர்.
என்னை அறியாது இதுவரையும்
ஏங்கி உழன்று கிடப்பேற்குத்
தன்னை நிகராம் விருத்தகிரி
தங்கும் உமையே தயவாகிப்
பின்னை யானும் தானும் ஒன்றாம்
பிரமம் தனையே அறிவித்து
முன்னை மயக்கம் தனைக் கெடுத்த
முதல்விக்கு எனையோ கைம்மாறே.

Keeping individuality after samādhi – Samadhi Quotes

“After attaining samādhi some souls of their own accord keep the ‘ego of Knowledge’. But that ego does not create any attachment. It is like a line drawn on the water.

“Hanuman kept the ‘servant ego’ after realizing God in both His Personal and His Impersonal aspects. He thought of himself as the servant of God. The great sages, such as Nārada, Sanaka, Sananda, Sanatana, and Sanatkumāra, after attaining the Knowledge of Brahman, kept the ‘servant ego’ and the ‘ego of Devotion’. They are like big steamships, which not only cross the ocean themselves but carry many passengers to the other shore.

– Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

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