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Category Archives: Kundalini meditation

Can Kundalini raise automatically?

Let me take up a much asked question to me.

Q: Can Kundalini raise automatically?

A: Definitely “No”. It ONLY appears so…If Kundalini raises anywhere and at any place..Why not before..Who decide when?
The Answer is..When the seeker is ready due to past karmas and any Saint/Mystic, Guru (or a highly evolved disciple), Highly evolved souls, Ancestors (who have walked in the path before) etc decide the time and gracefully raise the Kundalini by Sight, Touch or Thought.

And from my experience, they dont activate “all the chakras”. They activate only one chakra. Because they expect the seeker to practice in that chakra. As this chakra activation is a very subtle process that most of the seekers miss it or they dont practice in that chakra. I see that when the kundalini raises, most of the people stop practicing. But it is the reverse, it is the time they have to practice more.

I give the following as a thumb rule –
“Have you seen all the Chakras (The 7 important chakras I mean) active at the same time?”. If your answer is No, then all your chakras are not yet opened.

The question here is “Who will activate the other chakras?” When the practice intensifies, all the chakras are opened again by them. But if we dont practice, the other chakras are not opened. I see may people stopping here as well.

The best and easier way (though your chakra is opened) is to start from the scratch from a physical Guru. I leave the choice to you

Irrespective of whether it is a YES or a NO, irrespective of whether you get a “spiritual experience or not”, Some people stop when they get 1 or 2 spiritual experience..I urge them to continue.

Meditation is a journey which never ends. So please intensify your practice and be in Satsang.This is the way to go.


Meditation is nothing but heeding silently to the ever knocking soul inside

us to pay attention to it….

Soul is like sita  waiting for rama(us) to rescue it from demons like  ego, worldly attachments and sufferings through realisation of the same. ……..

Intensified Kundalini Yoga

Every human is an embodiment of the divine. To know the divine that is within us there are doors to reach it. These doors are called as chakras. The Chakras are the doors that lead to moksha or salvation.

Kundalini Yoga or Kundalini Meditation is a meditative practice by which the dormant energy residing in Mooladhara Chakra or the base of spinal Cord is kindled and awakened and brought to higher chakras.

The rising of Kundalini Shakthi can be compared with that of a Cobra (Snake) rising its hood.The awakening of kundalini shakthi can only be done by a Guru. (There are other means of awakening it without a  Guru, which are extremely arduous and almost impossible)

The divine preceptor or Guru passes his divine energy into the chakras by touching the energy centers thereby awakening them.

This is called Deeksha or Initiation.

From the time immemorial in India, so many great sages and saints out of their intense sadhana have discovered these great doors and compassionately passed these secrets on to the coming generations.

There are 9 main chakras in the human body. Though every chakra leads to the divine, each chakra has some unique qualities and benefits. Chakras are the only doors of inner travel.

Aathman Awareness Centre founded by Guruji Sundar during 2002 and based in Chennai, India teaches Kundalini meditation to all the aspirants. The name of the course is Intensified Kundalini Yoga, wherein the aspirant will be given a real taste of the Kundalini. The aspirant will be  initiated in all the 9 chakras and taught to meditate in the chakras. Secrets about the chakras and mastering all the chakras will be taught in a systematic manner. The aspirant will be groomed in a personalized manner.


For more details visit Aathman Awareness Centre – Intensified Kundalini Yoga page.

Who is a guru?

Guru is a self realized master who guides you towards enlightenment.

What is meditation?

What is meditation?

Meditation is art of relaxing into one self whether with a technique or without a technique.

Tips for getting out of Bad Habits – A meditator’s path

1. List you bad habits in the order of decreased importance.
2. Attack the first habit.
3. Learn Meditation in Chakra’s. Especially Ajna Chakra.
4. Meditate atleast 1 hour every day in temples/jeeva samadhi’s in Ajna Chakra.
5. Whenever there is an urge to go towards bad habits, close your eyes and see the whole cycle of urge.
6. Take the help of a meditator or spiritual guide who has treaded this path already. As Adi Shankara rightly says
Satsangathve Nithsangatvam
Nithsangathve Nirmohathvam
Nirmohatve Nischalanatvam
Nischalanatve Jeevan Mukthi.
7.At first, this will be very difficult. Thereafter, once we become a silent observer, the urge will vanish like a air bubble.
8.Keep watching this for few days, you will automatically come out of the urge.
9.Most importantly never run away from your urge or never divert your attention. Staying focussed is the key to success.
10. Every day , the first thought when we get up and last thought before we go to sleep should be that we should come out of the bad habit.
11. Pray God/Family Deities/ Forefathers whenever time permits that we should get out of the bad habit.
12.When you start with the toughest one, all others fade away like a dew drop which vanishes when the sun rises.
13.This process purifies the mind totally.
14. Ultimately, this will lead to realsing your self.


1.  Unless there is no necessity to speak, a seeker must not speak

2. Always remember that Lord Saraswathi sits and meditates in the tongue. Therefore speak all the words only with the awareness about Lord Saraswathi in meditating in our tongue.

3. Speaking is the poorest form of communication.

4. Silence is the highest form of communication. God communicates always through silence.

5. Do not speak ill about  any one.

6. Be aware of the movement of tongue when we speak

Seeing – A different outLOOK

  1. Always see anything and anyone with love, affection and compassion
  2. When you see, remember whatsoever you see is God.
  3. You loose60-70% of your energy while seeing. To save you energy, see with softness in your eyes. Remember your eye is a lotus. Seeing is like lotus blossoming.
  4. At all times (other than driving) your sight must not go beyond 5 feet. By repeating this, you will be able to see from within yourself. This might take months/years based on practice.
  5. The God has given eyes just to see him, enlightened one’s & fellow sekers. When you see them, your eyes will flower/blossom like a lotus.
  6. Normally seeing is believing. Hence do not allow your mind to come to conclusion once we see it. Always analyse and arrive at a conclusion.
  7. Abstain from seeing negative. In this context, whatsoever you consider as negative is  negative.
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