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Category Archives: Meditation Techniques

No Mind Movements in “BEING”

In the State of BEING, There is no MIND MOVEMENTS. I am totally free of All movements. I am fully conscious. There is only Pure CONSCIOUSNESS Or BEINGNESS… Thank you GURUJI 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Thank you beloved Guruji

Beloved Guruji, I have no words to describe about what you showered to us during our Satsang with you today. We were drenched in your magnitude of love,grace and compassion. You turned every one of us within and provided many insights about Awareness and how to dwell in our Aathman. At your holy feet. Balaji

யதிராஜ சுவாமிகளிடம் வந்த வரிகள்

ஓம் குருஜி சுந்தரமூர்த்தி சுவாமிகள் நமஹ

சூன்யத்தில் லயித்து

சூன்யதாரராகி விடு

சூன்யத்தில் வசிக்கும் உனக்கு

வீடு ஏது

விலாசம் ஏது

நாடு ஏது

நற்றம் ஏது

சுற்றம் ஏது

பெயர் ஏது

வினை ஏது

வினைப்பயன் ஏது

சூன்யத்தில் லயித்து

சூன்யதாரராகி விடு

சூன்யமே சரணம்

சூன்யத்தில் வசிக்கின்ற

சூன்யன், நான் ஆன நாராயணனே சரணம்

Guru and God

God gave me Sansaar…..

Guru gave me Yog…..

God gave me pleasure & pain…..

Guru gave me my ‘True form.’

Life – A Unique Flower

A flower,
Never bloom or fade…
Never change
in day or night….
Never affect
with heat or cold…
Never feel
joy or sorrow…
Never know
wisdom or foolishness…..
Never attach
with own or other….
But ‘It’ is
indescribable liveliness.

True Form

You are playing only drama

Which is true for you….

Come and surrender ‘Yourself’

To the ‘Guru’

Then you will come

In your True form…


It is only ‘YOU’

‘YOU’ are not body

‘YOU’ are not name

‘YOU are not senses

YOU’ are not mind

‘YOU’ are always ‘Truth’……

Everywhere, every time

Always present

Formless, without qualities….

You can not see

You can not touch

You can not feel

You can not talk

You can not tell

You can not experience

You can not express

It is only ‘YOU’

The door of Truth

Pranam Guruji

‘You’ change
Kalyug to Satyug….
‘You’ open
The door of Truth
‘You’ remove
All doubts of
your ‘Bhaktas.’

Where is God
Without Guru
There is no Maya
Where Guru is.

One thought of Guruji

Pranam Guruji

Pilgrimage or prayers….
A vision of the Guruji is enough To be successful.

Sin, virtue and the anxiety of the fruits of actions….
The grace of the Guruji is enough
For salvation from every ection.

Penance years of years…
One thought of Guruji is enough
To attain salvation.

My prayers to Gurudeva???

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