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Category Archives: Meditation Techniques

My Experiences at GLS

I had a memorable experience today at GLS temple. I was practicing ACE meditation after learning it for the first time. I was in deep mediation for 30 mins and left the temple. Afterwards, I realized that I was in A3 all the time even when talking to others and doing other activities. Previously I could root in A3 when my eyes are closed, for the most part and rarely with my eyes open.

Now I walk outside and see the world, the people, shops, etc. my Aathman is witnessing everything, it feels like it is peeking and noticing everything through the eyes and even now when I’m writing this.

There is a difference- When things are being witnessed through the eyes by Aathman, it doesn’t try to interpret what it sees, doesn’t try to make sense of things or reason or judge. It merely witnesses ! Thank you Guruji and Saint GLS for opening this door for me !!!

My Experience with Guruji at our Sabhai

I was medidating the other day at our Medidation Centre. I had the privilege of medidiating with Guruji for a few minutes. I could feel my senses being cut off slowly as I entered the inner space of fullness. I felt something entering into Dhuryam Chakra and erasing whatever was inside me. It was wiping/blanking me out. I felt something in me was dying. I also felt it two nights later at my home when a question came up internally whether I was alive or not or am I dying.

Back to the medidation session, Guruji had left after a few minutes and at this time I felt a tremendous outpouting: My inner space started to shake, it went from a low intensity shaking to an earthquake happening inside me. The feeling was so intense that I didn’t know whether I was going to open my eyes. The sensation continues for several hours and slowly subsided.

Thank you Guruji for your diving Blessings !!!

My Experience on the Trip to Tenkasi with Guruji

We visited Tenkasi Mahan Sri Kuzahndhaivel Swamigal residence on the 2nd day. Needless to say, it was a very special occasion. When we entered the house, I was in a complete Trance; there was a deep silence. The silence was filling the ears and overwhelming. When I closed the eyes, I felt a total void and fullness at the same time. I felt the presence of Swami standing in front of me. At this time, the space within me started to change. I felt our Guruji and Swami were taking me into their space: It was as if there was an outer space with stars/objects within the inner space and space travel was happening. I’ve gained more experience and maturity in this trip. Look forward to more in the future.

I’d like to thank Guruji for this wonderful opportunity!

Distance is a Lie : “Connection”

Dear Seekers and Yogis, please remember that when you are well connected with a realized Guru,you will get to experience many unbelievable things and start witnessing many mysteries getting unfolded. You will learn to traverse beyond the dimensions of space and time. Distance is a lie and time is a fiction. It is because of measurement of time that our age is defined. We calculate our age,experience etc only by the factor called time..seconds,minutes,hours,days,years etc. Just for a moment think that you do not have time as a measure. There are no clocks around you.  Then is there something called age for us ? The moment we fix a number to our age,the mind automatically starts worrying about the future. Due to worries come fear,anxiety,uncertainty.  If you live in the present moment with total awareness then there is noting called future. But you need to know how to live in the present. This is possible only when you are with a vibrant self realized Guru. When you have lost yourself in him. Your connect with Guru must be from your heart. It should happen out of Love. Without any expectations. You must become vulnerable to the master. When you are totally available then the existence starts operating through you.

Then you will be able to connect with Guruji anytime and from anywhere. I have experienceseen this many times. Whenever I have travelled outside my city and away from Guruji due to office work,I connect with him before going to sleep. I have travelled from that far away place to my Guruji abode. I have pinched myself and known that it is true. I have gone back in the same route which I came to him that night. Full trust is needed for this to happen. Do not doubt. Just be open,aware, waiting every moment with love. I will be abe to describe the colour of Gurujis shirt,the exact time and even the fragrance.

If you come across such experience,if you have an iota of doubt,You can measure the authenticity of your experience by calling up Guruji or your fellow seekers the next day to find out. The beauty will be that Guruji would have also felt your presence. If such experiences occur, then you can safely state that you are in tune with the master and thereby the existence…

Remember again,it is because we defined time,distance and space we feel that they separate you from Guru. When in deep love,trust and openness all these are mere maya. You and Guru will even breathe the same,resonate the same thoughts and feel oneness in your beings.

This is possible only by the absolute grace,compassion and willingness of Guruji

I pray beloved Guruji Sundar and the almighty God to bless you all with such experience. Jai bolo Guruji Sunday ki..JaI. .With love


My Experience with Guruji Sundar

Dear beloved Seekers and Yogis across the world, by the absolute grace of beloved Guruji Sundar, I am starting my post on my ongoing Spiritual experiences with Guruji Sundar. I pray and surrender at His lotus feet and that of the almighty Saints  and the existence to bless me in bringing out all the authentic experiences.

Guruji took me into his abode of love and divinity at my age of 19 when I lost my father due to cancer. He has been my life ever since then. Whatever I am today is due to his sheer grace and compassion. Though I knew him ever since my childhood days, God had his own plans. We were staying opposite to Gurujis home. He was a hard core seeker meditating for almost 8 hours by setting a time table for meditation when I was setting my time table at school for study. He was travelling in the path of Gnana in totality. His commitment and determination in realizing his true self was unmatchable. He was always seen either in temples meditating for hours or was travelling to holy cities seeking the ultimate truth.  There was fire in his eyes which was sure to burn any darkness of ignorance to people who were with him. This pulled me towards him. He was the first one to touch the deepest of my being. His words have reached to the depths of my heart and his silence pulled me to him like a magnet. I have felt “at home” whenever I am with him. He has shown me and many of my fellow seekers a taste of self realization or enlightenment or Nirvana by his absolute grace and compassion.

I should say that I have been fortunate enough to travel with him and he has kept me for these many years with him to partake in his three fold vision. His first vision us to make as many people as possible in this world to realize their true self. He wants as many flowers (humans) as possible to blossom into enlightenment in spirituality and spread their divine fragrance throughout to make this world a better place to live. His second vision is to bring out the significance of jeeva samadhis all over the world and also construck, replenish dilapidated ones. His third vision is to develop a unique spiritual database which seekers from all over the world can reach out for any kind of assistance whatsoever in meditation and spirituality.

All my experiences with him have been authentic and I will start writing one by one under this heading. As stated above may beloved Guruji himself bless this unworthy soul to bring out my experiences with him in words. Please look forward to get immersed in the nectar. With lots of love…





paramahamsa yogananda about life experiences

Do not take life’s experiences too seriously. Above all, do not let them hurt you, for in reality they are nothing but dream experiences. Play your part in life, but never forget it is only a role. If circumstances are bad and you have bear them, do not make them a part of yourself. What you lose in the world will not be a loss to your soul. Trust in God and destroy fear, which paralyses all efforts to succeed and attracts the very thing you fear. All Nature will commune with you when you are in tune with God. Realisation of this truth will make you master of your destiny.

Paramahansa Yogananda

sri daya mataji ( intution soul guidance for life decisions)

Wherever God has placed you, do the best you can to manifest a positive spirit, an inner strength of mind, a sense a faith and trust and surrender at His feet. It so simple to know God; just let go and let Him enter your life. This is the whole purpose of the spiritual life. Accept each experience that comes to you as coming from Him, and try to learn from it….Do not remain the same old “psychological antique”; use God’s power within you to change your life. Therein lies complete freedom of all limitations of body, mind, and this world of delusion. Therein lies the supreme victory for all of us.

–Sri Daya Mataji (Intuition: Soul-Guidance for Life’s Decisions, p65)

paramahamsha yogananda about troubles and worries

Give your troubles to God. When you worry, it is your funeral, all arranged by yourself. You don’t want to be buried alive by your anxieties. Why suffer and die every day from worry? No matter what you may go through–poverty,sorrow, ill health–remember that somebody on earth is suffering a hundred more times than you are. Do not consider yourself so unfortunate, for thus you defeat yourself, and close out the omnipotent light of God that is ever seeking to help you.

Paramahansa Yogananda

Experience in nandeeshwarar temple

நானும் என் சகோதரனும் கடந்த ஐந்து நாட்களாக இரவில் சென்று  நந்தீஸ்வரர் கோவிலில் இருக்கும் நவ கிரகங்களை 54 முறை சுத்தி வருகிறோம்.  இன்று அவ்வாறு சுத்தி விட்டு தியானத்தில் அமர்ந்தேன். அப்போது திடீரென்று என் தலையில் இருந்து மார்பு வரை ஏதோ ஒழுகியது போல் இருந்தது. அது மிகவும் நன்றாக இருந்தது.











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