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Category Archives: Needs Attention

Guruji at Assam

Guruji at Madan Kamdev temple ruins at Assam

Guruji Sundar at Assam

Guruji at Kamakya temple

The message which Guruji gives is metaphorical.. that of love and peace.

Guruji Sundar Message

Kuzhandaivel swamigal jeeva samadhi temple Alandur

The Jeeva Samadhi of Kuzhandaivel Swamigal, Alandur, Chennai is re emerging. The temple once demolished is being rebuilt by devotees and local residents. We are planning to install swami statue and shivalingam on chitra


paurnami 3/may/2015 between 5 AM to 6 AM.

Invite: KVS2015

All are invited.

Dadu Swamigal – Jeeva samadhi – Periyapalayam

Jeeva samadhi of Dadu Swamigal

Dadu Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi is situated in Periyapalayam which is a stone throw away from Periyapalayam Amman temple. However it is in a very dilapidated state. Dadu swamigal lived in Chennai hundreds of years ago in Kondithope. There is Adhipureeswarar temple in Kondithope (Opposite to Subramaniya Swami temple), which was actually his home where he did pooja to Adhipureeswarar and Vadivudai Amman.

The temple’s ancientness can be felt once entering. One of the unknown places with absolute divinity. On entering you can feel that you are entering a different dimension of the world.

His and his mother’s statue is installed in the temple. The depth of this temple is immense and unpolluted.

However, though pooja and abhishekam is done to His samadhi, His samadhi needs attention. Opposite to his samadhi, his mutt which contains his mother’s samadhi is situated. It is in an utter state of neglect. Noble hearts please visit his samadhi and do divine service for the saint.






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