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Category Archives: Dreams

Can you change the course of your dream?

There are three states of consciousness i.e

Waking (Jagra)

Dream (Svapna)

Deep Sleep (Sushupti)

When one becomes “Enlightened” or “Self Realized”, he becomes aware of “himself” several times in a day. Later as he matures, he stays in that state all throughout the “Waking State”.

Simultaneously this happens in the “Dream State” as well. To put it clearly, when one remains in that state while he is in “Waking State”, the quality continues/seeps in to the “Dream State” as well. He clearly “witnesses” all the dreams. Thereafter once he matures in this state, the quality of awareness seeps into the Deep Sleep. Again he matures in that state as well.

Once the “Self Realized Person” is aware in all the three states, if he wishes,

a. Stop the dream

b. Can come out of the dream

c. Change the course of the dream to a different direction.

When a seekers see’s an experience in spirituality, they think they are “Self realized” or “Enlightened”. This is one of the “Touchstones” to bring them out of their illusion.

Coming to the question here, the answer to the question here is Yes, Yes and Yes.







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