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Category Archives: Upload Books

Aathman Awareness Centre free Ebooks

இல்லறத்தில் இனிமையான துறவறம்

Flowers offered at thy lotus feet

The ebooks have been written by disciples of Guruji Sundar.

Courtesy: Aathman Awareness Centre

Sivaprakasa Deepikai – Printed and published by Gangadhara Desika Swamigal

Sivaprakasa Deepikai

Sivaprakasadeepikai – Download PDF EBOOK



Gangadhara Navalar Swamigal

During 1899 Desika Gangadhara Navalar Swamigal printed and published songs devoted towards Mylapore Kapaleeswarar. Attached is the rare book in pdf format.

Kapaleeswarar ratha used to move only after swamigal completed singing of His songs towards Lord Shiva.

Before that the ratha would not budge.

Swamigal got proper permission from British Government to enter in to jeeva samadhi during 1930 at Harrington Road 6th Avenue, Chetpet.


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