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About us

Seekersinn is a web confluence of spiritual seekers as well as database created and constantly updated by spiritual seekers with the purpose of serving as a spiritual hub for seekers and seers to interact as well as to help the present and future people to evolve in the field of spirituality.
This hub has been created and is supported by Aathman Awareness Centre Trust (AAC), a religious and charitable trust.
This website is presently run on donations and charity. We also intend in the future to include select spiritual Ads, Sale of spiritual books and divine articles etc to manage the expenses of this website.
Contents and their moderation:
All the contents to the web site are published only after review by the Seekers’ Inn team. If you wish to volunteer yourselves, please request us the same and we shall give you the required access.
Contribution of Articles/Photos/videos/documents etc:
Any one irrespective of age, culture and background can ananimously or in their pseudo name or in their real name contribute articles,photos,audios,videos that can help other evolve.
At present, the website has been created to English language.  But, users can share their content in their own languages.
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