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Monthly Archives: April 2019

‘सद्गुरु’ बिना जीवन
उलझा जाल है….
‘वह’ मिल जाए तो
सुलझा सवाल है।

Life without a ‘Satguru’
is a trapped trap….
‘It’ is found, then
the question is solved.

Mystery to be lived

Life without satguru is a maze and trap
Life with satguru is a mystery to be lived
Moment to moment
Fully intense
The life of every moment
Being alive
I thank my Guru
For liberating me from the
Trap of the senses
I live in love
Toward my Guru
Who is Life itself.

शक्ति का संचार

‘गुरु’ की ध्वनि

*** *** ***
जब कानों में पड़ती है

*** *** ***
तो भ्रम मिट जाते हैं

*** *** ***
दुख कट जाते हैं

*** *** ***
हर बंधन टूट जाते हैं

*** *** ***
शक्ति का ऎसा संचार होता है

*** *** ***
जहां संसार ही भूल जाते हैं।

*** *** ***

communication of the power

The sound of the ‘Guru’

*** *** ***
falls into the ears…

*** *** ***
confusion disappears,

*** *** ***
sadness ends,

*** *** ***
every bond breaks….

*** *** ***
It is such a

*** *** ***
communication of the power

*** *** *** ***

Where, the samsara vanishes.

*** *** ***

Think your Guru

Whatever difficulty

of the world will come,

just think of your Guru,

all the difficulties will be

automatically removed.


Who always keeps

The Guru in his heart

becomes free from

all the bonds of the world,

One who forgets ‘Guru’,

is trapped forever

in the bhavsagar.

गुरु की अनुकंपा

‘गुरु’ शंकाएं हटाता है।

‘गुरु’ दुविधाएं मिटाता है।

‘स्वयं’ से जोड़कर,

संसार में जीना सिखाता है।

सुख – दुख के बंधन से मुक्त कर,

भवसागर से पार कराता है।

Compassion of Guruji

The Guru dispells doubts, The Guru eliminates dilemmas

The Guru teaches disciples to live in the world by connecting with the self

The Guru makes us free from the binding of happiness and suffering and cross the ocean of Bhavsagar.


Sunlight may disappear

Moonlight can become new moon

The earth can become barren

Sky can be drained

Everything in this world can change

But, Guru’s grace remains forever on his disciples.

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